Connecticut Family Business
of the Year Award


James and Sheila McNamara purchased the Redding Nursery in 1968. As one of the only commercial properties in the center of quaint Redding, Connecticut, it provided the perfect location to build a successful business.

In the early years, the McNamaras began their small retail store selling annuals, perennials and nursery stock. Many of the plants were grown in their own greenhouses and were known for their excellent quality. Along with the retail operation, managed by Sheila, Jim offered landscaping services. In 1970, tree spraying was added to Redding Nursery's offerings, to combat the defoliation caused by an invasion of gypsy moths. By the late 1970's, Redding Nursery had two spray crews working to guard against caterpillars and other tree attacking insects. As Lyme Disease spread across the area, tick control spraying was also added.

By far, the biggest addition to Redding Nursery's operations has been our deer repellent service, developed to prevent the damage done by deer feeding on plants and shrubs during the winter. DeerPro is an exclusive formulation that acts as a taste deterrent, keeping deer from eating valuable trees and shrubs in and around the yard. In recent years, the deer population has literally exploded, and so has the demand for Jim's deer spraying services. Redding Nursery's DeerPro service is now one of the most requested and successful deer repellents available today. So successful, in fact, that DeerPro will soon be marketed on a national level, and will be distributed to tree care professionals around the country.

In recent years, Jim and Sheila's oldest son Sean and his wife Krista have joined them in running the business at Redding Nursery. Sean and Krista recently built a house on nursery land, where they will continue the tradition of living where they work.

The future looks bright at Redding Nursery. But even as big progress is made, Redding Nursery plans to hold on to the small town feel and customer concern that has made it so successful.

In 2002, Redding Nursery was named one of the Best Small Family Businesses by the University of Connecticut!


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