The gardener complains heavily of the injury which he sustained from my halfwit, halftame deer; and I do not well know what course to take with them.
-George Washington, in a letter from Mount Vernon.

The DeerPro Story
Each winter deer browsing causes millions of dollars in damage to landscape plants. Their destruction is unsightly, permanent and often very expensive. In fact, damage from browsing deer is the fastest growing ornamental and turf problem in America.

For over 25 years, Redding Nursery has been protecting plants from damage with a unique formulation called DeerPro. DeerPro is a thiram-based repellent developed by James McNamara, which prevents deer from eating woody ornamental plants during the winter months. And with DeerPro, one spray lasts all winter long.

As the local deer population in Connecticut exploded, so did the demand for DeerPro. Now, Redding Nursery is the largest deer repellent service in Connecticut - and quite possibly the United States. The McNamara family is currently in the process of developing ways to offer DeerPro to commercial applicators throughout the country.

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Why DeerPro?

One Application Lasts all Winter

With DeerPro, one spray as early as October protects woody ornamental plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks and pine all winter long. That's six solid months of protection - all the way until April, when the deer diet changes to feeding on broad leaf weeds, annuals, and perennials.

Other commercial sprays and repellents must be reapplied every couple of months. Not DeerPro. That's an important advantage, considering it is difficult, if not impossible, to spray repellents in the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions of January and February.

DeerPro Looks Better

While other commercial applicators have also developed thiram-based sprays, their products leave a heavy white residue on the plants. The landscape looks like it got hit by an early snowstorm or some sort of artificial blight. DeerPro is green, so it looks less artificial and blends in better with the natural surroundings.

DeerPro is Proven Effective

DeerPro has been satisfying Redding Nursery clients for over 20 years. Some homeowners have tried other services, only to return when those inferior products simply didn't last the winter.

For more information call Redding Nursery at 203-938-3297 or register for services here.

No Bites or Nibbles!

David Grigg, Redding, NY

After our mature rhododendrons were stripped from about 6 feet off the ground, we had Redding Nursery spray all of our trees and bushes. DeerPro lasted all winter and kind of melted off by late April. Nothing else was stripped and new growth has begun to sprout on the dead areas. It really did the trick!

Finally something that really works!

Bob and Pam Starrett, Redding, CT

We've lived in Redding for over 20 year and that whole time we've been battling with the deer. Now we have total deer protection from Redding Nursery. We couldn't be more satisfied.

12 years and counting, my 300 rhododendrons are still safe.

- Bob Lynn, CT.

From the 80s into the 90s, the deer problem just kept getting worse. I tried every product out there, but my plants were still being butchered every winter. And my neighbors seemed to be getting off scott free! Turns out they used DeerPro. So I gave it a shot. 12 years later, I couldn't be happier with DeerPro or the great people at Redding Nursery.

State law requires that we supply you with the label of the product we are applying. Be assured that we are concerned about the safe use of pesticides in the environment and would not use or apply them unless totally convinced of their safety.

Redding Nursery does not guarantee plants against deer damage. We will not replace or refund plants for any reason including deer damage due to operator or spray failure. We ask the homeowner to inspect the landscape for coverage and damage throughout the winter months. We will gladly touch up any application.

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