For 40 years, Redding Nursery has provided Fairfield County residents with our professional care for trees and shrubs. Read below for descriptions of the custom tree and shrub care programs we provide. Every pesticide that we apply is approved by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Dormant Oil Spray - Horticultural oil applied in April is used to control many pests that winter over on evergreens and fruit trees. Dormant oil is non-toxic and environmentally safe. A dormant oil application at this time can keep your trees and shrubs healthy and reduce the need for stronger pesticides later in the season.

Tick Spray - As the deer population continues to rise, so has the concern over Lyme disease and other deer tick borne diseases. In the last few years we have had a good deal of success reducing exposure to ticks by spraying Tempo or Sevin in tall grass, pachysandra, and the perimeter of properties. Homes with heavy deer traffic may require two sprays.

Foliar Sprays - The insecticides, Sevin and Tempo, are used to control many insects infesting trees, including aphids and caterpillars.  Two applications may be needed for best results. Tick control can be applied at the same time.

Systemic Injection - A systemic insecticide used to control boring insects on birch and ash trees as well as leaf miner and scale insects. Boxwoods, rhododendron, azaleas and andromeda are prone to these kinds of destructive insects.

Hemlock Adelgid - The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid has done severe damage to the hemlock trees in the Connecticut area. This persistent insect appears as white cotton-like egg masses and if left untreated can kill a mature hemlock tree in a couple of years.  We strongly recommend that infested hemlocks be treated with both a dormant oil spray in early spring plus a light horticultural oil sprayed in the summer.


Additional Services

Spring Fertilizing - Garden plants can benefit from the addition of nutrients to the soil as they begin their annual growth season. Light fertilizing can promote healthy growth and increase flower and berry production.

Deep Root Feeding - Generally, established trees have plenty of nutrients available in the soil to sustain natural growth. However, large, old, and diseased trees can sometimes benefit from soil injections of fertilizer. The nutrients provided by the fertilizer can help the tree ward off disease and insects and help promote healthy structures throughout the tree.

Summer Pruning - We are taking on a limited number of summer pruning jobs. Keeping your shrubs and ornamental trees pruned well promotes good health and enhances the look of your property. Call the nursery to request an estimate and find out about availability.

Spring/Summer Deer Repellent - Deer damage to annuals and perennials during the growing season is a frustrating problem for anyone that enjoys gardening. Redding Nursery is now offering a spray program to protect your gardens from deer. Five monthly applications of our new spray starting in May will reduce or eliminate deer damage. The spray has performed very well in tests and trials, however we offer no guarantees and will not offer refunds for any reason. The cost of each application depends on the number of gallons of spray with an average property costing $125 per application. As this is a new service, we are only taking a limited number of customers.  Sign up before May 1st and get your fifth spray free! For more information, call the nursery at 203-938-3297.

If you have questions about these or any other tree problems, please call us at
(203) 938-3297.

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