How long does DeerPro Last?
One spray in the fall protects plants all winter long. If you have any trouble over the winter we will touch up a spray for free.

What plants do you spray?
Deer eat woody ornamental evergreen trees and shrubs during the winter months. We only spray those plants that they eat and do not spray plants like Boxwood and Andromeda that we know they do not eat.

How does DeerPro work?
The active ingredient in DeerPro is Thiram, a fungicide that is also used as an animal repellent because of its bad taste. Deer that try to eat plants treated with DeerPro will spit out the leaf and leave the shrub alone.

Is DeerPro safe?
We have used DeerPro safely to protect shrubs for 25 years. People and pets should stay inside while we spray and for about an hour to give the spray a chance to dry. Once DeerPro has dried on the shrubs it is safe to be outside.

Is DeerPro clear?
No, the active ingredient in DeerPro is white. We add a colorant to the spray to help it blend in with the shrubs. However, DeerPro does leave a noticeable residue on treated shrubs. It will break down in the Spring.

How much does DeerPro cost?
The cost of the spray is based on the number of gallons required to protect the plants. An average property costs $260.